What sets the 360GT apart?

Design. The 360GT represents the joint efforts of Ramón A. Dominguez and Carlos L. Márquez, who have 45 years of riding experience between them. The two men, high school friends from Venezuela, have both harbored a longtime passion for building a better riding crop. Driven by a desire to make this key piece of equipment safer and more effective, they have developed a crop for the next generation of riders.

The Specs

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The key feature of the 360GT is its unique popper. A seamless foam cylinder, the 360GT popper is extremely durable, waterproof, chemical resistant, and boasts excellent shock absorption properties. Although the foam popper is softer than the synthetic leather used traditionally, the sound created upon contact is louder and helps to safely incentivize a horse.


The 360GT has a lightweight yet strong fiberglass shaft coated with colored microfiber that allows it to be resistant while maintaining the desired flexibility.


The 360GT's handle has been designed for a comfortable, no-slip grip. Quality materials and straightforward design combine for good feel and easy grip in a rider’s hand, no matter the conditions.

Top Riders Agree

Javier Castellano

I really like it. The reason I like it is safety for the horses – that’s the most important. We have to protect the horses. We live by the horses. The crop has been the same for many, many years, and we need an update. I think that’s the key, the sound, and the motivation to keep the horse moving faster. Sometimes people think the more you hit the horse, he’s going to respond. It’s not true. Some horses don’t like it when you hit them, they stop moving. Watch the ears, watch the tails. They don’t speak, but the body language will tell you ‘I don’t like it.’ It’s a great idea – make a sound, don’t hurt, but keep them motivated.

Dylan Davis

I get the response I need, and it makes noise, which is good. It took me a week to get used to it, and everything about it is positive – I know I’m protecting the horses.

Manny Franco

It has helped me a lot. I used to think that conventional crops with harder poppers and harder impact were better, but now I see that the 360 GT does the same job, and I like that I’m protecting the horses when I use it.

Eric Cancel

I like the fact that I can get their attention with the sound. At first, the 360 GT felt different, but now I find it very comfortable and it is great to know we are protecting the horses. These crops are an advantage to the sport.