Thank you, Ramon Dominguez for creating the 360GT crop. The GT (Gentle Touch) crop is a kinder approach to the training process, especially for the sensitive and greener horses. The 360GT has become a staple piece of equipment for my crew!

Christine Siegel
Highbrook Farm

I have just switched to the 360 GT from my trusty whip that I’ve had for over 20 years. I appreciate the modern efforts to minimize the pain and impact that a supportive riding aid has on the animals that we love and care for. The handle is comfy and the whip as a whole is very balanced. The softer end has been well received by my horses and they still respond as they’re trained to, but without the signs that they were hurt along the way. I highly recommend this whip as the next step forward in the advancement of the riding crop in the current era of equine tools.

Emily Daignault-Salvaggio

1) What do you like about the design of the 360GT? The design is very neat and seems well balanced.
2) Do you think the sound of the foam popper is a strong initiative? The noise can sometimes be more effective than the action
3) Is it time for the riding crop to evolve again, and if so, why? It is time. Riding without a crop could be dangerous for both rider and horse. The 360 GT provides a tool that will be effective but harmless to our equine athletes.

Graham Motion

This well designed crop called the 360 GT (Gentle Touch) was created by Ramon A. Dominguez, an award-winning champion jockey. It has foam on the end that contacts the horse and therefore there is no pain to the horse from the use of the crop but you still have the encouragement to get your horse going forward. You can find out more about the crop here. The crops are seamless, padded and more circular than a regular whip and have been trialed by jockeys in the Triple Crown races and at tracks around the country this Spring.

Phillip Dutton
Phillip Dutton Eventing

Really excited to add the @ryders_up crop to my collection thank you!!!

Priscilla Godsoe